Taking Your Strings to the Next Level ep.2

Leandro Gardini

Combining good music and virtual performances.

This is the second part of the series Taking Your Strings to the Next Level. To watch and read the first tutorial click here.

We should keep in mind three factors when we want to find out what makes good string music.

First and foremost, the quality of the writing. Second, the quality of the players. And third, the quality of the instruments.

Regarding the writing, this is dependent on the composer. We can expect a good string composition if they have good knowledge of idiomatic articulations and string textures.

But music is nothing on the paper or midi notes. We need sound to create music, and for this, we have the players and their instruments.

In the case of virtual instruments, we don't have humans to perform our music, but we have instead, in most cases, little pieces of performances, which are commonly known as samples.

Sample libraries are the instruments of the midi programmer, and the midi programmer is the player.

Good virtual instruments are as versatile and customizable as real instruments. But there's a downside to it. Versatile tools can be tricky to be used sometimes because they require more than a simple plug-and-play.

It is crucial to be a good "player" when we have a good instrument in our hands. A Stradivarius may sound like an annoying fly in the hands of the untrained violinist. In the same way, a great sample library may sound like a toy in the hands of an inexperienced midi programmer.

In the following video, there's an example of first-class orchestral writing with the predominance of strings. The music is worldwide known and very difficult to be simulated with samples. However, with some versatile libraries and careful midi programming, we can make any masterpiece come to life with amazing expressions.

When producing a realistic midi mockup, there are so many aspects that we can't put them all in a short video.

Sample Modeling Strings comes with many features for customization, which make it one of the best string libraries ever created.

I have extensively tested and used every midi CC that it contains. Even though there's a lot to control, we must quickly produce midi mockups today, and this is how I have done the Mozart Symphony no.40.

Speed in production is another important aspect that can't be covered in a short video. However, Scoring Tools Masterclass  is the most comprehensive course of midi orchestration on the market.

With its ever-growing content, you will always know how to produce the most realistic and expressive midi mockups with the tools you currently have and nothing else.
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