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This masterclass was really a unique experience!

One of my reasons for rolling in was that I am often disappointed with the sound of sampled instruments and entire mockups. But Leandro shows how it can be done by setting musicality forefront and manipulating the tools as a means to achieving a goal, instead of letting the tools dictate what we can achieve.

As a classical guitar player, I believe that nothing compares to the 'real thing', and no generic technology could ever replace the careful selection of an instrument, the choice of strings, playing techniques, fingerings, a study room... choices that embody and develop the personality of the musician. Leandro demonstrates here in a wonderful way how technology can be bended to support your own musical ideas and personality by thinking beyond the apparent limitations and capabilities of software instruments.

The integrity and authenticity of Leandro’s story, developing his template and techniques throughout the years, make this training a unique and invaluable resource for people like me who are trying to pave their way through the landscape of oversupply in technological and commercial offerings.

And last but not least, hammering on principles rather than easy to repeat cookbook recipes is also a big plus. It brings along fundamental knowledge that can be applied in different contexts so it helps in making our own choices.

Congratulations, maestro, looking forward to a journey of practicing and applying what I learned!
Joris Windmolders
Guitar player/Composer
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Leandro Gardini’s course “Scoring Tools Masterclass” is exactly what I’ve been looking for, for years. With all of the choices for libraries and different options on how to use them, it is easy to get overwhelmed when trying to create a good workflow in your studio.  Leandro does an excellent job putting his production methods into a thorough and easy to understand format.
I’ve always felt frustrated with my libraries, giving up some creativity to “write to the limitations” of the library instead.  While taking Leandro’s course, I have learned how to overcome some of these limitations and bring all of my libraries together, using their full abilities.  I finally feel like I may get my money’s worth from the libraries I have bought.  More importantly, now that I understand their usage better, I can more easily see where their limitations are and start to fill the gaps to achieve the results I want.
In addition to the technical side of library matching, usage and template building, Leandro provides a lot of useful information throughout the course on how to improve your midi scoring techniques including sketching, recording, performance, humanizing, and much more.  I recommend this course to anyone, novice to experienced professional, who wants to improve their midi programming skills and gain a clear understanding of how to build a solid foundation from which to make your own midi orchestral production setup.
Ben Hammer
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Great Course ! Just what I needed!

I am originally a guitar player who performed and recorded with bands. As an instrumentalist, I always favored the fun of live performances and studio recordings. In my whole life, I refused to look into the side of the Digital Audio/Computer-based music production cause I had friends or professionals who took care of that for me. So sadly, now I have limited knowledge and understanding of the professional home studio setup, its essential workflows, using its hardware and Virtual Instruments to their fullest potential. The first time I saw the introduction on this Course, I was amazed by Leandro's professionalism, the realism, and how his compositions sounded. From the outline of the Course it seemed that it builds from the ground up to a professional level that is essential to be an effective composer with all the necessary skills and tools that you have to have if you are serious about your craft. I love the Course so far, very detailed. Leandro is very patient, and his knowledge of his art and humanness is present throughout the lessons.

I am looking forward to the upcoming lessons to learn and master the excellent Scoring Tools Masterclass. We have available for us these days to express our creative ideas and a piece of ourselves through the amazing language of Music. Highly recommend Course!
Joris Windmolders
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Tools for the Modern Composer. Great course!

There is a lot of new technologies that all modern composers must be aware of. The tools of the trade are changing. You need to know how to use these tools as you continue to develop your craft. I have already implemented a couple of setup tips and workflow strategies, and I am looking forward to the next section on templates.
Mark Petrowsky
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 A complete guide to the world of Mockups!

I think every modern composer should take this course. Leandro calmly guides us through all the steps involving MIDI, library, equipment, and how to perform with them. There is no clickbait!

He will go through EVERY instrument in his template and explain how everything works. He will teach you how to create a comprehensive template and how to organize it.

I'd recommend this course to both beginners and experienced composers. To beginners because Leandro's explanations are clear and easy to understand, and at the same time transmits us security in what we are doing. To the experienced, because he will show some advanced tricks that most of us doesn't use, like using synthesizers to emulate woodwinds in certain passages to achieve REALISM.
Bruno Oliveira
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Leandro Gardini and his excellent course: a unique opportunity for musical growth with a great master of musical composition!

Leandro Gardini is one of the greatest composers of his generation and has total mastery of the art of composition. For me, it is an honor and privilege to be your student!

I'm excited about his new course, where he demonstrates his technical and aesthetic thinking, contributing a lot to the learning of musicians who really want to reach a level of excellence!

Thank you, Master!
Thiago Almeida
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A must-see course. This course is fabulous. No matter if you are a beginner or if you have strong knowledge. The instructor is very experienced, knowledgeable, very calm, and didactic to convey the information.

If you are just starting in the music technology world, you will be able to learn through a concise, current, and complete method to learn music technology used to compose songs through the computer. If you are a professional, you will be able to reflect on your work, reassess your work and polish your skills. In my particular situation, as I am naïve in this field, I have been learning with strong quality how to build a setup, how to create a template and the importance of having one, general information about equipment (hardware and software), and how to organize everything to produce a good work. I am eager to learn about each kind of template for strings, brass and so on.

Leandro Gardini is a high-level composer, very devoted to what he does. Definitely, this course is highly recommended to everyone. It is the cornerstone for your success.
Marcio Silva
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At first, I was a little hesitant to enroll in Leandro Gardini's "Scoring Tools Masterclass". I really liked the detail and depth of his orchestral mockups, and I realized that my orchestral mockups were missing something. I just didn't know what.

Currently, I'm only five weeks into his twelve-week course. Still, I've already discovered that although we have similar approaches to creating midi mockups, I was missing a lot of the detail and fine-tuning that he puts into creating his orchestral template.

Leandro's text and video tutorials are very informative and paced in such a way that allows his students to develop a deep understanding of the content and apply those concepts to their own orchestral templates.

I'm looking forward to the rest of the class and highly recommend Leandro Gardini's "Scoring Tools Master Class" to anyone who wants to take their orchestral mockups to the next level.
Wayne Bacer
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So far, I would rate the course with an A++++ for what I was looking for.

The most interesting parts were (1) the template structure and "why" and (2) the walk-through of the different sample comparisons discussing the significant attributes of each. It is something I know I will review again and again as I develop my own template.
Larry Woolever
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