Scoring Tools Masterclass
Premium Plan

Private Classes

With the Scoring Tools Masterclass Premium Plan you have the unique opportunity to have 4 weekly private classes through Skype with our instructor Leandro Gardini.
Once you complete the course you are eligible to book your class with the instructor where he will be able to further assist you with your questions and concerns.
1) Prior to the Skype section of the week bring the material to the instructor.
2) Instructor will analyze it and prepare the relevant comment and material necessary to best assist you.
The instructor's material may include:
1) Instructor's personal files like midi programming and scores.
2) Instructor's reprogramming and reorchestration of your material (for demonstration only).
3) Instructor's personal counseling to further assist in your career.
In the Premium Plan you may also be considered to closely work as an assistant of Leandro in his future projects. This is an invaluable experience for everyone to learn from him in real time.
This chance will depend upon instructor's choice and necessity.

Educational Discounts

Students of the Premium Plan are eligible for extra educational discounts in the best sample libraries and other online courses.
Some of our partners are: - Orchestral Tools
                                                      - Chris Hein
                                                      - Strezov Sampling
                                                      - Pianoteq
                                                      - Aaron Venture
                                                      - Native Instruments
                                                      - Spitfire Audio
                                                      - Cinematic Studio Series
and more.

Become an Affiliate

In the Premium Plan we also have our best affiliate program where you can earn 30% of comission of every sale made through your links.
Study the best midi orchestration course, become an affiliate and tell your friends.
P.S. The Affiliate Program is a great deal if you are a teacher of a music institution or know other people that will be interested in the course.
The best education with the best tools, everything with big discounts plus sales partnership with Gardini School.
"Who could ask for anything more?" (Ira Gershwin)


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