Taking Your Strings to the Next Level ep.4

Leandro Gardini
Photo: pointyearred (instagram)

Can a great product make you a better composer?

I am often asked "which library do you use?".

Even though I believe there's aren't wrong questions but only bad answers, the questions asked always show me the curious person's level of instruction.

In Scoring Tools Masterclass I dedicate some chapters only to show you WHICH library I use, and much more critical, WHY I keep and use them in my template. All the rest of the course is dedicated to the HOW I use them.

Even though using virtual instruments requires specific knowledge of each product, my more than 16 years of experience shows me that a realistic mockup is much more related to the composer's mindset than any specific ability to use library A or B.

Unfortunately, this mindset is based on several principles that are not easily found in academic courses and even less on the internet.

I see people engaged in learning EQ and mastering when they don't even know how a string ensemble sounds. This trend seems to spread worldwide and drastically changes our way of making music.

The next tutorial has some of the principles contained in Scoring Tools Masterclass. Watch the following video carefully, and let me know your impressions by commenting down below it.
Taking Your Strings to the Next Level has been created to show you some specifics of the new Sample Modeling Solo & Ensemble Strings. Sample Modeling is a performance library that responds to many CC paraments. Unlike the other virtual string instruments, the sound that comes out of it depends more on your programming ability than the quality of recorded samples.

The facilities that we have today to produce good music at a low cost are, in some ways, shifting our focus from the music that we have in our minds to the sounds that we have available in our arsenal of tools.

This behavior leads us to a false belief that if we want to improve our music, we have to have the next "must-have" or "next-generation" library. In other words, our focus is now outside of ourselves.

I believe Scoring Tools Masterclass contains all the principles you need to balance the "you" and "your tools."

Once you learn the principles, you will no longer feel the urge to spend thousands and thousands of dollars on more "essential" sample libraries because you will have a clear image of your needs to make your next masterpiece.

Like the tutorial above, you'll learn how to use the Sample Modeling library and all teachings that should be applied to any other library.

Now it's your turn to act in favor of your music. What are you waiting for?
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